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Workshop 11 Dec 2019 Energy Harvesting Materials and Devices

Published: 4 December 2019

The SET group held an Energy Harvesting Materials and Devices on 11th December 2019. This workshop is sponsored by Dr Ruomeng Huang’s STFC IAA grant, aiming to facilitate knowledge transfer and collaboration for people who work in the field of energy harvesting materials and devices such as thermoelectric, piezoelectric, photovoltaic etc. The SET group was honoured to welcome the visit of collaborators from Shandong University (China) with whom Dr Ruomeng Huang, Dr Stuart Boden and Professor Kees de Groot hold a collaborative fund together. Professor Jian Liu, Professor Chun-Ming Wang and Professor Jichao Li from Shandong University delivered invited talks of their thermoelectric and piezoelectric works in the workshop. The workshop also features talks from members of the SET, SEMS, ORC and Chemistry.

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