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This is the public searchable directory of our members and visitors. It only contains people who have explicitly given consent to appear in the public directory.

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Kees De GrootHead of
Professor Martin CharltonAcademic
Professor Harold ChongAcademic
Professor Mark ZwolinskiAcademic
Dr Stuart BodenAcademic
Dr Rares BodnarAcademic
Dr Xu FangAcademic
Dr Ruomeng HuangAcademic
Iain McNallyAcademic
Dr Nema AbdelazimResearch
Dr Graeme BraggResearch
Dr Vinita MittalResearch
Dr Waqas MughalResearch
Dr Yasir NooriResearch
Dr Tasmiat RahmanResearch
Jamie ReynoldsResearch
Haibo SuResearch
Dr Mark VousdenResearch
Dr Sheng YeResearch
Dr Liam
Katarina CicvaricPostgraduate research
Peng DaiPostgraduate research
Yue FanPostgraduate research
Stefan IliePostgraduate research
Omesh KapurPostgraduate research
Jiaming LiuPostgraduate research
Ziwei LiuPostgraduate research
Daniel NewbrookPostgraduate research
Hailong PiPostgraduate research student078740
Ben RowlinsonPostgraduate research
Tudor ScheulPostgraduate research
Peter ShawPostgraduate research
Jack TysonPostgraduate research
Emily WebsterPostgraduate research
Wei XiaoPostgraduate research
Jingxiao XuPostgraduate research