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The Sustainable Electronic Technologies (SET) group aims to address aspects of sustainability which relate to electricity, electronics and communication. Electronic devices (computers, mobile phones, data centres) use a significant amount of the world's total energy consumption. Low power and efficient computing and electricity from renewable resources is required to allow electronic devices to have a continued positive impact on society.

  • 12 February 2019

    SET Seminar on Analog Circuit Security in the...

    The SET group held a seminar on 1 February, 2019.

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  • 22 January 2019

    Novel thin film approach published to help...

    Scientists at the University of Southampton have developed a molecular reagent for a highly functional chemical compound used in phase change memory units and thermoelectric generators.

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  • 18 December 2018

    JJAP Paper Award for Prof Shin Saito

    JJAP Paper Award for Prof Shin Saito from the SET group

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  • Publications archive

    Recent SET publications

    28.4 A high-Q resonant inductive link transmit modulator/driver for enhanced power and FSK/PSK data transfer using adaptive-predictive phase-continuous switching fractional-capacitance tuning - Henry Kennedy, Rares Bodnar, Teerasak Lee and William Redman-White
    Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2019 | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. | Item not available on this server.
    Cell flipping with distributed refresh for cache ageing minimization - Shengyu Duan, Basel Halak and Mark Zwolinski
    Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2018 | IEEE Computer Society Press | Item not available on this server.
    (Ba, Sr)(Ti, Mn)O3 perovskite films for co-planar waveguide tunable microwave phase shifters - Xingli He, Ioanna Bakaimi, Nur Zatil Ismah Hashim, Yudong Wang, Ali Mostaed, Ian M. Reaney, Qi Luo, Steven Gao, Brian E. Hayden and C. H. Kees De Groot
    Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2018 | IEEE | Item not available on this server.
    Encapsulated textile organic solar cells fabricated by spray coating - Yi Li, Sasikumar Arumugam, Chirenjeevi Krishnan, Martin Charlton and Stephen Beeby
    Type: Article | 2019 | Item availability restricted.
    Silicon slot fin waveguide on bonded double-SOI for a low-power accumulation modulator fabricated by an anisotropic wet etching technique - James Byers, Kapil Debnath, Hideo Arimoto, Muhammad Husain, Moise, Sala Henri Sotto, Zuo Li, Fayong Liu, Kouta Ibukuro, Ali Khokhar, Kian Shen Kiang, Stuart Boden, David Thomson, Graham Reed and Shinichi Saito
    Type: Article | 2018

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