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The Sustainable Electronic Technologies (SET) group aims to address aspects of sustainability which relate to electricity, electronics and communication. Electronic devices (computers, mobile phones, data centres) use a significant amount of the world's total energy consumption. Low power and efficient computing and electricity from renewable resources is required to allow electronic devices to have a continued positive impact on society.

  • 11 May 2022

    Transforming the lives and health of billions...

    Southampton Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) Assistant Professor Tasmiat Rahman is leading a project to transform the lives and health of around three billion people across the world who are using biomass stoves to cook food in their homes.

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  • 8 July 2020

    Researchers develop patterning technology for...

    Sustainable Electronic Technologies experts from the University of Southampton have demonstrated a new plasma patterning technique that can create high-quality nanostructured surfaces for infrared thermal control coatings and nonlinear optics.

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  • 13 May 2020

    Energy harvesting research to investigate new...

    ECS lecturer Dr Ruomeng Huang is investigating new micro-thermoelectric generator, enabling more efficient self-powered IoT devices and sensing systems.

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  • Publications archive

    Recent SET publications

    Neural signal processing with metal-oxide RRAM devices - Isha Gupta
    Type: Thesis | 2018 | University of Southampton
    Silicon photonic crystals: light emission, modulation and detection - Kapil Debnath, Abdul Shakoor, Karl Welna, Frederic Gardes, Graham T. Reed, Marcello Ferrera, Kieran Deasy, David Lidzey, R. Lo Savio, P. Cardile, S. Portalupi, D. Gerace, S. Boninelli, G. Franzo, F. Priolo, A. P. Knights, M. Galli, Thomas F. Krauss and Liam O'Faolain
    Type: Article | 2014 | Item not available on this server.
    Real-time phase trimming of Mach-Zehnder interferometers by femtosecond laser annealing of Germanium implanted waveguides - Xingshi Yu, Bigeng Chen, Xia Chen, Milan Milošević, Shinichi Saito, Graham Reed and Otto Muskens
    Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2018 | IEEE
    Photonic bonding modes with circular polarization at zero-group-velocity points - Moise Sala Henri Sotto, Kapil Debnath, Ali Khokhar, Isao Tomita, David Thomson and Shinichi Saito
    Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2018 | IEEE | Item not available on this server.
    Low-loss silicon waveguides and grating couplers fabricated using anisotropic wet etching technique - Kapil Debnath, Hideo Arimoto, Muhammad K. Husain, Alyssa Prasmusinto, Abdelrahman Al-Attili, Rafidah Petra, Harold M.H. Chong, Graham T. Reed and Shinichi Saito
    Type: Article | 2016