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Ageing of Integrated Circuits - Dr Basel Halak

Published: 29 October 2019
Basel Halak

esearchers from the University of Southampton have published the latest advances in the key research areas of IC’s ageing in s new book by Springer,

which can be found on

The book, which is edited by the School of Electronics and Computer Sciences Dr Basel Halak , was developed as a collaborative effort among several

international research groups, renowned in this field, each providing an up-to-date summary of their latest findings and highlighting the remaining

challenges and research opportunities Ageing effects lead to a degradation in the performance and reliability of an electronic system, hence limiting its expected lifetime. Dr Basel Halak, a fellow of the royal academy of engineering said Ageing is a serious problem in modern semiconductor technologies which undermine both

the reliability and performance of computing devices, conventional approaches to combat this problem such as conservative safety margins, make it

harder to develop competitive products and may lead to the elimination of performance gains of technology scaling. This new book provides a

comprehensive summary of the latest innovative approaches to improve the resilience of integrated circuit to ageing induced failure without affecting

its performance. The book explains the physical mechanism causing the ageing of integrated circuits, including a comprehensive analysis of its effects on the

performance and reliability of integrated circuits, and presents a number of mitigation techniques that can be applied at different stages of the life

cycle of silicon chips. At the design stage, the book presents a synthesis algorithm that help produce ageing resilient digital systems; in addition,

it explores a number of application-dependent methods to improve system reliability. The book also discusses the state-of-the-art approaches for

predicting ageing-induced failures and associated design adaptation Dr Halak will continue to utilise the findings from his research in this area to investigate the implications of circuit ageing on Hardware security

as part of the his recently announced royal academy of engineering fellowship on hardware supply chain security


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