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Dr Yasir Noori from SET group presents ground-breaking research in Parliament

Published: 2 April 2019
Dr Yasir Noori showcases his research to Dr Alan Whitehead MP.

Dr Yasir Noori from SET group presented advances in his research on electroplating of digital memory in the STEM for Britain showcase at the House of Commons. Dr Yasir Noori has worked alongside experts from ECS, Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy on his project, along with partners from the Universities of Warwick and Nottingham. "Our work has involved developing an electroplating technique to make digital memories," he explains. "Electroplating is commonly used for plating jewellery and coins with gold and silver, however, in our project we are plating Silicon chips with a special material that is made of Germanium, Antimony and Tellurium. This material is the fundamental building block of phase change memories and has been recently shown to have applications in Neuromorphic Computing." The STEM for Britain competition is run by the House of Commons Parliamentary Scientific Committee. Each year it attracts hundreds of entrants, of whom around a third are selected to present their work at a poster competition in Parliament. Early career researchers from Southampton's schools of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS), Chemistry, Engineering and Physics and Astronomy, along with the Zepler Institute for Photonics and Nanoelectronics, were all represented in the capital.

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