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15th International Conference on GFP2018 Group IV Photonics

Published: 18 September 2018

Third and second year PhD students from Professor Saito’s research group, Moïse Sotto and James Byers respectively, delivered oral presentations at the IEEE Group Four Photonics Conference 2018 (GFP 2018) in Cancun, Mexico in August. James also presented a poster during the poster session on behalf of a group collaborator, Dr Isao Tomita. Moïse presented his 2 recent papers published in Frontiers in Physics and JOSAB treating about Photonic Crystal Waveguides. He exposed how the breaking of the parity in his devices triggers new degrees of freedom, namely Spin and Orbital Angular Momentum, which predict on-chip manipulation of light on twisting roads. His research paves the way to reduce drastically the power consumption and footprint of integrated photonic devices. James presented his work on a unique fabrication process, developed in the Nanofabrication Centre (NFC) at the University of Southampton, to realise double-SOI fin-waveguides for use in low power, efficient optoelectronic modulators. This work paves the way for the fabrication of a unique optoelectronic modulator design, as well as the extension of 2-dimensional planar silicon photonics into 3-dimensional multi-planar photonics. Dr Isao Tomita’s poster (presented by James) details simulation results of an ultra-low power design lithium niobate optoelectronic modulator which shows the potential for an order of magnitude increase in efficiency over current state-of-the-art high speed devices

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